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Manipulation of people – interesting facts about psychological violence

Physical violence is absolutely unacceptable. But few of us think about psychological violence. But moral repression is a thing no less serious than violent aggression: it harms not only the body (indirectly), but above all the personality, affects self-esteem, a person’s ability to manage his life. And if you can respond to a physical blow, how to “give in” to a subtle manipulator is not entirely clear.

And where is psychological aggression, and where “it just seemed”, it is also not easy to understand. There are five most common methods that psychologists call aggression. If you find any of them in your relationship with another person, know that this is it. Fight or run.

The term “gaslighting” entered our lives from moviegoers: “Gaslight” (Gaslight, “gas lamp”) was the name of the 1944 film with Ingrid Bergman in the lead role. According to the plot, her heroine’s husband wanted to get his wife’s jewelry. He understood that he could do this only if his wife was recognized as insane and forcibly committed to a psychiatric hospital.

To implement the idea, the man installed gas lighting in the house, making sure that at a certain moment the gas lamps go out. Every time this happened in the presence of the faithful, the perpetrator assured her that it was considered her – and as a result almost brought the wife to a nervous breakdown and incapacity.