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Get ready to let go.

People who fool you, manipulate, blame, unhappy, drive you crazy, deprive you of emotional peace.

Be equal.

That equality, in which everyone is responsible for their life, and does not wait for someone to make them happy or tell them how to live.

Be vigilant.

Do not give in to complaints and manipulation. Relationships are the presence in the life of another, and not his salvation. Not to be confused with a direct request for help. Ask – help as much as possible for you.

Get ready to leave.

Do not get involved in disassembly and accusations. Don’t make excuses. If you’re wrong, apologize. It’s enough. If you have caused great damage to a person’s feelings, ask what can be done to make amends? If there is no response, be prepared to move away. This is not about your guilt, but about his accusations.

Be firm.

“Praise you – do not rejoice. Scold – do not be upset.”

You can’t win or lose all the time. You can not even divide everything into loss and gain. Find what you learned and what new things you discovered in yourself thanks to this event.

Go on your way with a firm step.

Be passing.

Pass by other people’s conflicts, gossip, categoricalness, evaluation, anger, revenge, labels, envy. Do not get involved in all this, do not support, do not waste your time … Come on …

Get ready to leave.

Do not cling to obsolete ideas, try new things all the time. Do not stay in a relationship that brings more experiences than joy, takes a lot of energy and distracts you from your life.